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tagmoide | 13:48 Wed 02nd Jul 2008 | Family
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Hi there can any one advise me please i am in reciept of
DLA higher rate for mobility, but they have reduced my care component from the middle rate to the lower rate.
they have put me on DLA indefinitly which is good and means that i dont have to fill the horrible forms in any more. What i am worried about is if i appeal will they change there mind about what they have allready awarded me can any one help thanks in advance for all your help Kev


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it's completely impossible to say. At the end of the day the decisions are made by human beings, so a decision based on the info i person makes might well be different to the decision of a different person on the same info. Or even different on a different day. What prompted the change from middle to lower rate?
The DLA are notorious for refusing claims and lowering rates. You must appeal.
I understand you are worried, but your appeal is against lowering the care component from middle to lower and that is the part you are appealing against
They won't adjust the mobility part if you appeal.
Good luck.
kev - we have this malarky every time i renew my mum's dla for her. i think its due to different people looking at the claims each time and coming to different conclusions to the last (and probably wanting to save a little money, too). yes you can appeal and i think it would be worth it as they are unlikely to stop the current low rate care component because you have high mobility needs and have recieved a higher rate previously.

in my appeals to the dla, i have always pointed out that nothing in my mum's situation has changed (and is just getting steadily worse) - so how can you (as the dla) reduce the rate. i also point out that i helped with the form and may have used different language and figures to support her claim, but that it is harsh of them to reduce the care component part because of this.

it is also worth pointing out that that care component also depends largely on who is helping you with your care and how much input they have. when filling out my mum's form, i always refer to my dad's role as carer when she feels particulalry bad (about 50% of the time) as a benchmark for the care that she needs - i'm not saying exaggerate, but make them aware of the full extent of your needs when you need it most.

also, you could approach your local cab or advocacy services for advice and support in appealing to the dla. sorry about the length of my reply and good luck in standing up for your rights!
you had best leave it alone, i know a person who appealed and he lost the lot motab and care so if your still happy at getting something leave well alone, you could end up having to take a medical and losing the lot sorry for upsetting you
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Hi there bob thanks for your answere and you havent upset me cheers kev
Bob906, the medicals are a joke.
My nephew is a paraplegic and spent 2 years in hospital when he broke his back. He's paralysed from the chest down for life.
He was summonsed for a DLA medical a couple of years ago. The doctor was on the first floor and the lift was out of order. When his mum went uptto explain, she was asked by the receptionist if he could get out of his wheelchair and use the stairs!
He later received a letter saying he had failed to attend the medical and had his DLA stopped!
(It was all sorted out eventually after much complaining and appealing.)
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Hi there i would like to thank every one for there help,
i rang the D.L.A and this guy who was not really interested in helping said that they look at the entire claim in it's entirety so things can be changed for the worse, I felt as if i was being threatened I asked if i could be sent for a medical and he refused. I know if i go for a medical they will put me back ON the middle or even higher rate, I just think the whole system stinks, I worked all my life until 1997 paid taxes and insurance and this is how they repay you. sorry for going on maybe i should of calmed down before i came back on answerer bank lol thanks any way Kev.
I am in the same position.I was on the highest rate of both care and mob,they have now cut me right down to lower part care only so i have an appeal going on.its gone on for ages now.I have since been diagnosed with alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency.i went for a medical for incapacity ben,when the doc found out i have lung disease he said i dont need to ask you anything else and that was the 1st thing he asked me as i was very puffy on the day.

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