Birthday present for a 10 year old boy - ideas please!

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Pottyone | 21:36 Tue 01st Jul 2008 | Family
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My nephew will soon be 10. He has gone past Power Rangers etc but not ready for labels, fashion and aftershave! Any ideas? He has been showing interest in taking things apart and putting them back together, such as old bikes. Apart from nipping down the local tip and buying a couple of old bikes for him to pull apart and reassemble I am completely stuck. Ideas gratefully received. Normally spend �15 to �20, but can go in with other relatives. Thanks.


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Boxes of K'nex are good, and vary in price, from a reasonable to an extortionate amount! My own sons started on them when they were about 6, and they're great for any child who enjoys building things, yet easily taken apart again.
What about an airfix kit. There are loads of different varieties nowadays and you should be able to get a decent one for �20. Some lego and meccano sets are really technical now- with the age being upto 16 on some of them. But they're also quite expensive so you may not get much for your money. Hope you find something.
How about some Kart Start vouchers all similar? My wee cousin loves to go down and race the track in the wee carts great fun, and something that his pals could go to with him

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Have looked up KartStart but it only seems to be in Scotland - would that be ight? Will look into Airfix. I had thought about it. I guess I am trying to think of something where he can get his hands dirty, if you get me. Not sure about the Knex and Lego with another little one about which I know will want the bits too. I visualise Airfix being done at the table out of the way so that may be ok. There is a Meccano build it yourself radio controlled car for �40 which I will look at to see if it is just building the car or if he would get to do a bit of wiring too. Thanks for suggestions, keep 'em coming.
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Am sorted. I am buying him his very own proper tool kit, so he can tinker to his heart's content, without annoying his Dad by always using his tools! They are half price in Argos this week.

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Birthday present for a 10 year old boy - ideas please!

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