fancy dress for kids school?

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6758 | 12:58 Wed 18th Jun 2008 | Family
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My son has just told me that they are having a school leavers night next friday night... He is in P7 and they are putting on a show for the parents...We have to dress up as passengers on the titanic and i have no idea what to wear!!!! Other half will be wearing a suit and dickie bow but i need some ideas...

Any help would be much appreciated as I have no imagination at all!!!!

TIA xxx


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It was April 1912 so need clothes of the turn of the century which involves long dresses/skirts with ruffled high necked blouses, and a hat or feather. Might be better to try hiring something.
Are you going as a "rich" passenger or the "poor"?

Rich - long/arm length gloves, BIG hat - perhaps dress as though you were going to Ascot, but with a dated dress... google titanic and Kate Winslet - should give you some inspiration!

Poor - i'm not so sure!

I would think an evening dress would be ideal if you have one.Try going to Google Images and type in "Titanic Passengers".
hi not sure if you have heard of it but there is a website called freecycle, this is normally good at getting ols clothes or fancy dress. it seems silly paying for something for the one day if someone is giving stuff away. you just put a wanted post on there and people will mail you if they have anything
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Thanks for all your ideas... I knew you'd be able to help! I got a long skirt and high neck blouse with a brooch... Think I might get a shawl and a pair of nice gloves... Looking forward to it now!! xxxx

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fancy dress for kids school?

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