2 year old problem with doing a poo (sorry graphic post)

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radiogaga | 09:15 Fri 11th Apr 2008 | Family
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hello our two year old is not constipated, but tries everything to avoid doing a poo into her nappy, the hv suggested calfig which is syrup of figs ive given her 2.5ml this works only a little but she suceeds in keeping it in.
dont know what to do as shes obviously getting blocked up.
ive tries coaxing and praising. this has went on for a while
any suggestions please radio.xx


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Have you tried putting her on a potty? Perhaps she does not like the feel of it in her nappy and would be happier with a potty.
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hi anniebird, she's as adverse to sitting on the potty too im afraid.. and her toilet seat. she will sit on that if i give her a book or toothbrush to distract her from the fact shes sitting on it. she has sat on the potty in the past, but now its only teddy who sits on it!
Agree with above post, she may not like the feeling in her nappy! when she does need a poo, can you pop her on a potty and see how that goes.

Other than that, maybe it hurts when she poos, my niece was constipated once and ever since that (even though she isn't constipeded now) she still has issues. My sister puts vascaline on her bum. It might work or it might has a psychological effect, but she is better now!

Good luck x x x
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i will have to be more paitent i guess. ill try the suggestions and see what happens, cheers folks.
Sorry, was writing when you posted back! If she doesn't like the potty would she prefere the toliet? You can get really funky covers and steps to entice her.
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we have toilet seat and a little step. ill try and encourage her to use it the past she said no and ran away!
You're doing all the right things. I couldn't get my son to pee in toilet as he just wanted to pee up against the tree in the garden (very hot one week while I was potty training and we were out in garden a lot!).

He did eventually... so I guess what I'm saying is that she will come around to the idea as children do! Only other thing to add is not making it an issue of it (sure you're not anyway!)

Good luck ;0)
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we've just returned from bathroom and ive shown her what to do...again.
we have a little chart with doors to open, which ive stuck up on the wall for her to see, every time she sits on the loo we've to open a door its kinds like an advent calander its a pampers thing.
thanks for suggestions. ill let you know of any progress!
radio. xx
I found these videos:
They have plenty of information on toddlers and maybe you'll find your answer here
Have you tried a potty that is more like a chair - you can even get musical ones! Neither of my kids liked sitting on a potty because they are so uncomfortable (can you imagine sitting on a bucket)! I think bribery is the best course of action. My son suffered terribly and I was advised to give him fruit with pips - strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes etc. He once didn't go for 2 weeks and now he poo's for England!
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beanbabe, 2 weeks/ jeesus thats long.
im gonna try the bribing as it would be a short term solution to a hopfully non lonng term prob1
ill let you know how things go-or not!
Hi Radio

My 3 y o had the same problem from being a young baby, due to being badly constipated. The poor thing had a real phobia about doing a poo and cried terribly. It was only when I started giving mango juice, which really loosened things up that my 3 y o is now happy to do a poo, and does one every day now. Try mango juice! Much better than syrup of figs! Good luck x
learn some hand reflexology for this
or have it done(foot reflexoloy s also good)
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hi thanks for all replys.
babygaga dosnt drink anything but pure fruit juices. apple, cranberry, grape etc. all the time.
i shall look into the reflexology and see how that works out(i'll be getting a book as i know not a lot!!)
ive been giving her sunflower, pumpkin and pine seeds and nuts to produce bulk. cheers

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2 year old problem with doing a poo (sorry graphic post)

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