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Serendipity_ | 14:57 Fri 14th Mar 2008 | Family & Relationships
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I take the pill (a POP bill called Cerazette) and I stopped taking the pill for a couple of weeks or so mainly because I forgot... I have recently moved into a new flat with my boyfriend and there's so much other stuff going on, that I have forgotten to take my pill.. I still actually haven't taken it, I know, I know.. I have been having unprotected sex. I did have unprotected sex whilst I'd forgotten that I'd taken it.. BUT, for the past four days or so, I have been bleeding.. Large amounts, not like when I am on my period, and of course, you can't be pregnant if you're bleeding and you can't get pregnant (or its a small chance) if you're bleeding..

I am not sure what I actually really want to know, just some advice? Could I be pregnant. I did panic Monday night of this week and I took a pregnancy test (one of the pack-of-three's from Pound Land, couldn't face going to Boots!!) and it came back negative.. But I also know you have to wait at least two weeks (or so I heard) to take a test...

I don't know, I'm confused. :-(


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I won't give you the lecture because I'm sure you know...

Maybe its just your body adjusting to coming off the pill. You could go to your doctor but if you don't want to do that because your embarrased you could phone NHS Direct and they can advise you.

Don't do it again - its not worth the worry! It may be worth speaking to your doctor about other forms of contraception so you can't forget to take it
I was on cerazette and after I came off it to try for a baby, I had awful periods to start. It's at this point you should have started taking your pill again if you wanted to!

Cerazette is a hard pill to get out of your system as it's very close to the injection pill and is slow releasing. I took a lot longer getting pregant coming off this pill!

My opinion is that you are having what is you normal period without the pill as mine on cerazette (if I had any) were very light!

You'll be ok chick x
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Thanks people..
I am not a member of a doctor yet (I've just moved house so I have registered with a new one, and I need confirmation that I'm "in with them"). When I get in, I'm going to book an appointment to arrange to go on something different... I don't think the pill is for me! :(

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