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divegirl | 15:40 Thu 13th Dec 2007 | Family
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Hi, do family allowance stop automatically when a child reaches 16? My son has just turned 16, but is still in year 11 doing his exams....where do I stand?

Lisa xxx


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Do you mean child benefit?
I think, as long as your son remains in full time education you will still get child benefit until he's 18.
I know my parents got it until I went to uni at 18.
Hope that helps.
You could try looking for more info on the Inland Revenue website.
As far as I am aware Child Benefit is payable up to the end of the July after they become 16 (the earliest point they can leave school). You are then sent a form asking you whether your child will be continuing in education, if they are I believe the Child Benefit is payable until they leave education or reach 18 which ever comes first.

But you can check this information with the DSS
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Thank you both.

Lisa xxx
Yes ~ it is possible for child benefit to be paid until the student reaches 19 years old if they are still in full time (12 hours per week or more) non advanced education.

This means that as long as the student is taking A level or equivalent course child benefit is still paid.

They will write to you and enclose a form for you to complete :o)
but if they are 19 in the september of their final year at college, then it frionishes in the september, and they have to stay at college until the following june, this happened to me with my youngest.
Just a reminder, and not really to do with child benefit, but has he received his National insurance number card, because he will need the number if he gets a parttime job, my daughter got it automatically, but a colleagues didn't and she had to chase it.
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Thanks for all that^^^^^^

curiosity....Yep...he got his NI....just got to make the lazy bu gger find some weekend work now, so he can pay for his own Xbox
family allowance is payable for all children who are in full time education under the age of 19. i was in exactly the same situation except my son was 17.5 yrs but still at school.
ring the child benefit helpline ( and tell them your circumstances. they will then amend it so your payments continue and you should only have to notify them then when he leaves school. also dont forget to do the same with child tax credit if you get it

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