Separating Siblings

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Eagle5773 | 12:33 Sun 07th Oct 2007 | Family
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Is there a legal age where a brother and sister can refuse to sleep in the same bedroom?


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this has been asked and answered on here many times, surprised it didn't appear in the previous questions list, anyway, there is no law preventing it but for local authority housing they set 13 as the limit and then they usually would rehouse you.
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Many thanks for your answer.
Where Iive the eldest child must be no older than 8 years old.
check with ur local council id say cause my council say its when the oldest is 10yrs old. but if ur a single mum they may say u can share with ur girl cause thats what they have just told my mate who has a girl and boy the girl being 10 now

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Separating Siblings

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