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sherry76 | 21:43 Fri 24th Aug 2007 | Family & Relationships
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can anyone tell me what brighton is like? the place,people,friendly place???blah blah??? I'm confused at the mo,thinking on moving from up north to brighton to start a new...there isnt much left for me here after familly problems and personal problems e.c.t.

I'm 32,so not too old hopefuly to start a new!??!...cheers guys..sherry


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brighton is brilliant,bit of everything for everyone.People are always friendly and merry,i used to live half hour away and it was brilliant. I'd trade berks for brighton anyday,go for it :)
Hi Sherry,

I live just along the coast from Brighton, In Worthing (it's a lot cheaper!).

It's lovely to be able to hop on the train to get to Brighton for shopping ~ and as IAP says, it is a very cosmopolitan city :o)

Quite a few people are moving from Brighton to Worthing for the cheaper property, which is pushing up the prices here..
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Although I haven't lived there I know it well and is one of the most interesting places in the country. The shops are decent and the Lanes are also fascinating, and there's always a lot going on within walking distance. You can get out to Rottingdean or Devils Dyke and beyond in 15 minutes in a car and is surrounded by decent seaside and countryside. Just don't drive to or from London too often, that is hell.
My son and daughter in law are your age and live in Brighton.They now wish to move away for the same reasons as they moved there when they were younger.Too lively!
The question is very subjective.If you're thinking of buying why not rent for six months to see for yourself without a major commitment.
I live in Lewes, within easy reach of Brighton. Its certainly a buzzing place, especially at this time of year when you can't move for students. Live near so that you can get all you want, but not too near if you want some peace and quiet.
Various members of my family have lived in or on the outskirts of Brighton for many years now (we're also from the north). I was just there a few weeks ago with my daughter, and have to admit it did not live up to my fond memories of when I was younger & childless. I found it an unsuitable place for young children; the pier is a meeting point at night for brightons's youth culture and those who really should just 'get a room'. A very expensive place, and whilst some of the accomodation is exclusive, some is also very run down & dirty. There are an awful lot of drugs floating round (as with most city centres unfortunately), but personally, I found the place dirty. The surrounding towns ie rottingdean/seaford/peacehaven are beautiful, scenic and certainly less expensive. I am mid-30's so not too old to kick my heels over my head, but found the centre too much. I considered moving there a while ago, but would personally move to Seaford (approx 10 miles out) & flit into Brighton when I was feeling wild!!
Brighton is busy (full of tourists), hippyish and has some nice landmarks. It is expensive. It is very popular with young gay people. I like Eastbourne which is close to Brighton but is popular with older people. It doesn't get so packed. You need to spend a week there and see what it is like. On the South Coast but further East is Hastings which is meant to be an up and coming area. That is even cheaper than Brighton or Eastbourne.

It has a lousy beach. Stones. Didn't think it was North. More South

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