My daughter has HUGE feet!!

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missrandom | 00:50 Sun 10th Jun 2007 | Family
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My daughter just turned 4 mid may. She's really tall and her feet are a nike size 13!!! Has anyone else got an older daughter who was like this, when will she slow down! Its not so bad for boys, but shes gonna look like the BFG not before too long.


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Just how tall is she?
My daughter is 6 yrs old and just gone into a size 12.
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I dont know her measurements exactly but shes a few inches off my nearly seven year old son. Her clothes are 5 or 6 years from next/gap. Shes really tall! I hope she slows down, otherwise she'll look freaky, lol. shes not overweight big, she slim, which makes buying jeans a nightmare!
How tall are you and her father? Did you get the red book during your pregnancy? Theres is a thing you can do in there where you can predict a childs height when they become an adult from their parents heights.
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well we are tall, but not giant I am 5, 10 and my husband is 6, 2. I do have the red book but they want your height in cms if i remember correctly and ive never got round to measuring us, i suppose i might be able to google it and get the conversion. My sister did it with her son and he worked out to be 6 ft 7 or something ridiculous, but my daughters feet are the same as his, and hes a year older!! shell prob work out to be 7 ft or something silly! poor girl
You are very tall for a woman, missrandom :o) I think the average is 5'5 so you are well above that.

My daughter is 6, in 5-6 year old clothes and is a size 12 shoe. Her feet look huge too, considering that other girls of the same height in her class are a size 8 or 9.

How big are your feet? my siter is only 5'4 but in a size 7 shoe..whilst I am 5'2 and a size 5. I have been this height and shoe size since I was about 13!
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My feet are a size 7/8 depending on where I get them ( a clarks 7 though), bu the other females in my family have bigger feet yet they are shorter. My feet stopped growing at about 13 or 14 aswell. I really hope she slows down, hee hee
My daughter is also 6 yrs old and size 12 feet, but age 6-7 clothes. I am 5'8" and size 6/7 shoes and have been since I was about 15/16.
You know how they comment about puppies growing into their paws? I'm sure this is just like that. As she grows, everything will speed up/ slow down, til it all catches up and she is in proportion :)
Yet another coincidence miss random - i am 5 10 and my hubby is 6 2. I take a size 6 shoes, but I have been this size since I was 12. I can't remember if I had big feet as a child though. My boys take a 1 and a 13 at almost 7 and 5 and three quarters. So I think the wee one won't need flippers if she is swimming! My hubby takes a 12/13. You might find that she levels out later, or get her signed up as a future supermodel with that height. Don't know if the charts are different for girls, but my boys have a height expectation of between 6 4 and 6 7 which will probably be the same for William. I don't have a girls book , to check if the tables are the same. There is a woman who's eldest daughter is in the class above Craig and she is realy tall, but her youngest is not 4 yet and is nearly as tall as my younger son - who is joint tallest in his P1 class - yet the woman is probably only about 5 4 - I have never seen her husband though so he may be a giant.

I wouldn't worry too much about your daughters feet, she will probably level out - but I do find that they grow more over the summer than at any other time! If she goes up a size a year and stops about 12/13, then that will work out about a 7 or 8 which is probably pretty average for someone of about our height or taller. You will just have to stop feeding her so well!!
Try not to panic too much!!!

My daughter is nearly 6. At 4, when she started school she had a 12 in shoes. Some of her little friends had tiny dainty size 8-9's.

She is now nearing the end of yr 1 and her feet have not grown!! still a 12. Her dainty friends are now 10's and 11's

All kids grow at different rates, my bet is that either you or her dad were tall as young kids too!!!

My other two daughters , who are older had tiny feet at 4.. both started school in size 7's!!!

Random genes!!!!

Jo x
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aah, thanks everyone, I wont worry so much now. I am always getting the mick taken out of my big feet!
Blimey Annie how many more similaritys are there, lol? I didnt think of it in that way, so if she does stick to a size a year, that'll be cool:-)
Please don't worry about it, you'll make your daughter completely paranoid and that really won't help. Even if she doesn't stop growing so what? There's nothing you or her can do about it and she shouldn't be made to feel bad about her size (I'm sure you don't say anything to her directly but as she gets older she will be able to sense disapproval of her height/shoe size from you and that may hinder her growing up to be a six foot super model!)

I have humungous feet, size ten, and it's not the best thing in the world and I certainly often wish they were about four sizes smaller, but it's fine, I've never had nasty comments about it in my life (not to my face anyway but as a teenager I did used to wear steel toe caps on my size tens so that might explain it!)

Your aughter will grow up to be beautiful I'm sure, no matter how quickly she does the growing!
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I dont say anything to her directly or indirectly, not unless she can read without my knowledge. She's proud of her height and anyone that says anything is likely to get a mouthfull as she's quite fiesty! I know the point your trying to make, but I am proud of her and she knows it. Its just shes the only child i know of her age with such big feet, and i wondered when she's going to slow it down, but after everyones helpful responses, I am not going to worry:-)
No need for alarm. My daughter is 2 and wears a size 10. She's very tall for her age, and wears a 4T or 5T depending on the clothing. You two are fairly tall like my wife and I. She is 5'11" and I am 6'0", and all of our children grow tall. Her 6 year old brother is 4'6" and wears a size 3 adult shoe, while her 5 year old brother is 4' even and wears a size 1 shoe. The doctor says they're all fine and will just be tall people, all well over 6 feet tall.

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My daughter has HUGE feet!!

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