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darkhorse | 16:59 Tue 15th May 2007 | Family
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Help me please !!! I have been paying maintenance for my daughter for the past 6 years since I left her mother without the CSA's involvement. My question is as I have no paper work to support this (BIG MISTAKE ON MY SIDE), and as we are now on bad terms she is going to tell the CSA that I have not paid maintenance, as far as I am aware she works and does not claim any benefits, if the CSA side with my ex can they make me backdate the payments for maintenance for the past six years? Thanks and look forward to any help...


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Do you have any evidence at all? For instance do you have a regular withdrawal from your bank that is otherwise unexplained. Not much I know, but it might just help.
Sorry, another thought, can they make you backdate payments when she has no evidene that she has asked for the money? - i.e. she has no record of contact with the CSA therefore, why is she now going to them and asking for money - that's what I would be asking myself if I worked for the CSA. How come all of a sudden after 6 years she decides that she wants to get money from you. IMO she may get an award if she went to the CSA it may be more or less than you have already been giving her, that is her risk to take, but I can't see that they could force you to pay backdated payments when she has never approached them before.
Has she always been working and never claimed benefits in this time? If she has claimed, it will be on record somewhere because the CSA/benefits agency will not let her claim without enquiring about your maintenance arrangements. So if she has made a claim at some point, they wouldve asked her what she gets from you if anything. Also, she would have to have said yes and how much for them not to have come after you for payments during this time.
Just something worth considering :)
The CSA will not backdate any payments that you need to pay they will only go from the date that you are notified of their involvement
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Thanks everyone for the answers that has give me something to think about. Would it be in my interest to contact the CSA first and arrange payment through them or continue to pay my ex direct getting a receipt for each payment and wait until my ex gets them to contact me?
I think you should continue with the current arrangement but keep as much as evidence as you can. She may have no intention of actually getting the CSA after you, as you say, things are bad between you now. Could she just be making empty threats?
A word of warning, please make sure you can evidence the payments, i'e set up a standing order or something. I am currently in dispute with the CSA, the money has been paid but the ex says it hasn't. I have withdrawals , cheque stubs etc, however the CSA state that if the ex says the money has not been used for maintenance of the child. The money will have to pay again.
Set up a standing order and label...for ?? for child maintenance or something similar.
Assessment is from the time that your ex notifies them.
If you require legal advice or advice in general try the cab
kitty is right ~ the CSA will only backdate if an assessment has been made by them and you haven't paid.

As you have not received any assessment you will be ok :o)

If I were you I would set up a standing order or direct debit for payments..that way she won't be able to deny that payments were not received.
She can't prove you haven't paid either though can she ; )
Kitty and Pippa are right. They will only backdate if an assessment has been paid and you havent paid. If she does contact them and an assessment is done then if you miss payments from then on it would be backdated.

If she does contact the csa then insist that you continue to use them as if she gets an assessment done and then asks you to go back to just paying her she could then have a valid claim for backpayment from them. Does that make sense, it did in my head.
Go to the csa website and ask the question there. this may help a little better. Phone the csa and ask they are sometimes helpful depening on how you speak to.

Good Luck
Hey Darkhorse,

The CSA can only asses from the date your ex contacts them they cannot backdate it. They are a nightmare be warned!!!!

I have been told for 13 years that my ex owes me �7,500 I am claiming advance payment and they have dropped the arrears to �2,500 they say they made a mis calculation!

You will pay 15% of your wage for one child 25% for two

Good luck xx
darkhorse i have alot of dealing with the csa and my best friend works there, she can ring the csa and tell them u aint been paying for god knows how many years and they couldnt care less, say if your x put in a claim tomorrow they'd send u out her filed in forms you'd fill them in then send back, they would backdate it to the day she first contacted the csa, my husbands x tried to do that to him rung the csa told them he owes her 7yrs worth of child maintenance and they laughed in her face, whatever you do keep records if u dont pay it into a bank account get a receipt book that she has to sign
Hello darkhorse ,sorry to hear this news.
The good news is the c.s.a will be disbanded soon they are a crock of **** any way,they screw the decent parent and cant be bothered to chase the deviant little ******** that wont pay a thing.
Keep records from now on ,but perhaps your bank statements would allaberate your position alittle more
Heres one for you then......
My ex wife has just said she is claiming for non payment of maintenance (which I did pay), although I did pay it was cash and I didnt think to keep records (fool I know).
The thing is my two sons are now 22 and 20 years old, would the csa get involved.....?
Hi I have a similar problem could someone explaine what an assessment is?

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Child support agency - backdated payments

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