overcrowding problem in council flat part 2

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Lolliemma | 20:29 Sun 25th Mar 2007 | Family
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They then went onto tell me that they are within there rights to keep me in a 1 bedroomed flat till my daughter is 6!!! and also that hallways, front rooms and large kitchens can all be used as bedrooms which I find just plain stupid. But apparently there are families out there with 3-4 children in 1 bedroom places how they cope I have no idea.
What I want to know is how much longer can they really keep me here! do they just tell you those figures to shut u up or is that how it really is??
Or any advice as to what to try next would be excellent
thanks in advance a fed up council tenant.


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hmmm well my advice would have been not to get pregnant again when you knew you were in a small flat. Contraception is free, flats are not.

if you want a bigger place may i suggest that you stop relying on the council to house you and your family and maybe do something about private renting ? then you have control of where you live, and dont have to go by their rules. You could have a bedroom for every child then if you wanted. it probably sounds like a harsh reply, but there are people who cant even get a council place or who have a lot more problems than you health wise, or the health of their kids, so i can't see why you would necassarily be a priority really. Having children is a lifestyle choice, so if you cant afford to house them, or are not happy with the social housing you are offered don't have them, simple!
some people might have one bedroom flats with six kids but iguess that the council has bigger families with older chikldren that need them houses, now i dont no if they just say that to shut you up but in the meen time you can live with one bedroom its only for the night besides am sure there are other places where you can keep your stuff. p.s ......
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Read this for the legal defintion of 'overcrowding'.

Your council is right - you are not overcrowded.
We managed when we owned a one bedroom flat in negative equity...3 kids shared the bedroom, we had a sofa bed in the lounge.

Problem solved!
I know how hard it must be for you with one child and another on the way, it doesnt really make it any easier to know that there are people in worse situations. I guess you have 2 choices, one would be to make the most of what space you do have, like putting your daughter and new baby in the bedroom to share and turn the front room into a bedsit for you and your partner. It may not be the sort of living conditions that you'd like but it would work for now. Your second choice is to rent privately, find out about 'housing associations' in your area, they can be very reasonable with regards to rent and have some lovely places. All the best anyway.
Stop sponging close your legs and go get a job like the rest of us. People like you make me sick and i would love to meet you
I have a few points to make here and I will be quick:-

1. I do agree with everyone else, you really should have waited to have another baby, does your partner work? and if he doesnt why not? If he does work then you can look into going on a housing association waiting list or look into renting privately.

2. I presume you are not an illegal immigrant? No.... thought not as you would be living in a 17 bedroom mansion by now courtesy of the council and us tax payers!!

3. I am a single mum with 2 teenage sons, I worked very hard to where I am today as I wanted better for my sons, I worked my fingers to the bone and studied in the evenings at home too. We lived in a small council house and yes it was awful. I now have recently bought a 6 bedroomed house (because I can).

The moral of this story is if you want something better then be prepared to work for it! Unless of course you are not an English born person! I no longer call myself British as apparently anyone can be nowadays......

Here endeth my sermon! and goodnight.
the coucil will only move you if you are male and are sharing a 1 bedroom falt with your daughter(s)
I agree with bednobs. There are too many people like you around, who rely on others to fund your living arrangements.

If you can't afford your own place, either to own or rent, then you shouldn't be having kids or certainly not more than one.

My wife and I live with our 1 year old son in a lovely little maisonette in a nice area- it isn't big but it does us fine and we are not planning any more children at this address due to lack of space.

If we can make a sensible decision like that then why can't you? We also pay for our mortgage every month unlike yourself.

I am sick of people like you scrouging off the state- they should withdraw support and operate more like Romania ! You wouldn't be having more children if you knew no one was going to pick up the tab.

This may sound harsh but i am afraid it is both fair and true.

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overcrowding problem in council flat part 2

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