Chid care costs

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MORELLO | 12:52 Mon 05th Feb 2007 | Family
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What are people paying for child care these days? We used to pay �20 a day but that was 3 years ago. Expecting another later this year, and although we don't need care until next year I was wondering what it costs at present?


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We pay nursery �33 for 8 till 6 inc food snacks and nappies and wipes. Child minders are about �2.80 per hour and you send all food etc. We are in Lincs. I assume cost will vary accross the counry. Congrats by the way.
Childcare at our local nursery is �34 9 till 5. Extra for before 9 and after 5, so it can be pricey.
Wow, prices do vary - here in Surrey a childminder starts at �5 per hour. My son goes to daycare 8am - 6pm at �55 per day (reducing to �50 when he is 2 years). There are more expensive ones round here though.!!
Congratulation & good luck with the impending arrival !
congratulations morello. Here in Norfolk it's �2.80 an hour for childminders but you provide all your own food and nappies etc. The minders do provide food and from memory it was about �1.50 a meal I used to pay if my boy was there all day (not very often though).
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Really does depend where you are. Here in NI I pay �25.50/day, 8am-6pm. Inc. lunch & snacks.

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Chid care costs

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