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Ask the midwife or radiographer.
The legs are closed. Ask you doctor or sonographer
can't tell
I assume your first posting of this was removed because it has personal info on it. So should this one go.
how could you possibly tell from a photo how it identifies?
It’s a good clear picture. Legs in the way? An expert may well be able to identify the sex .
Just wondering why you want to know
why wouldnt you want to know? i found out in advance with all 5 of mine :)
Why not ask the radiographer then?
There may be good or bad reasons for wanting to know. However, the very worst place to get an answer would be on this thread. One reason for that is that Aminahchaudhary can't really know that any answer given is correct. The very best person to advise on the sex would be the medical professional who was present at the scan.
For some reason, don't ask me why, I suspect that the photo does not belong to the OP.
Well, we have been told she's pregnant.
You can't tell from the photo. Personally I am glad that this didn't exist when I had mine, finding out was always a reason to push! With grandchildren - unless foetus was lying in the position where male genitalia were obvious, it was always assumed to be female or 'unclear'.
Does it matter as long as mother and child are healthy? I'd be so thrilled at being pregnant, I wouldn't care.

Kit the nursery out in yellow so that you hedge your bets.
It's mouth is open. It's a girl.
I can't be sure but it's got your mother in a whirl.

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