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Aminahchaudhary | 12:53 Mon 27th Jun 2022 | Family & Relationships
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Is Saving £1200 A Month After All Expenses for 30 years old ?


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What is the question?
It's great, well done etc.
It's better than the £1,000 per month you were asking about on the 1st June.
Beat me to it ael:-))
I'd want to know where you're getting all that money from. Most people have nothing to spare at the end of the month, so yes, you're very lucky. Perhaps you could donate some too to a charity for the homeless for example.
No one is answering because we are getting fed up to the back teeth with all your money money money grabbing questions.
I agree
Is this person for real by the way?
If you can save this amount per month after all expenses are paid you are doing very well for a 30 year old.
I thought she was asking about her boyfriend/potential husband's financial capability
You seem to have lots of questions around money, gifts and childcare but I think you have emotional issues too it seems. Do you have close friends?
Perhaps if you tried saying thank you occasionally when people go out of their way to answer your frequently puerile questions, things might improve..
"It's better than the £1,000 per month you were asking about on the 1st June."

You again ? Haven't you decided on the most worthy husband yet ?
Are you a drug dealer? ... If so, £1.2k is hopeless. Get your act together and stop wasting time looking for praise.
I answered the first time. Perhaps if you returned to your original
questions and read the answers you would stop asking strangers to guide you through life. Just grow up, stop being obsessed with money and with feeling that your parents don't treat you right with gifts and don't want to be responsible for your baby. You come across as being very materialistic and feel hard done by. Get over it
Well said everyone. I can’t believe anyone would put up with Aminah.. if she exists

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Please Answer No One Is Answering

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