Help Me. I Don't Know How To Keep Up Convos.

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Sadess | 04:04 Mon 27th Jun 2022 | Family & Relationships
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How can I always continue the conversation? Please helo. I've always had trouble making friends, because Im always scared and think "what can I say to them"? I've always had the same friends as my sister, even my current best friend, and never really friends of my " Own" (Except onkine friends with whom i dont talk that much.) So pretty much she's the one who started friendship and stuff, but my buggest fear is just never having more to say, and you'll probably say "just start a rabdon topic or ask something about tye person" But yeah i can't really do that with poeple who I've known for a long time, or like friends, family etc. And im always scared people will understand that i don't kniw what to say if i suddenly start talking randomly about something. And beside that, one of my biggest fears, is what do u talk about with poeple for hours? Like whej u hung out with friends? (I've only hung out with my friends in group) like okay, you talk for like 10 minutes and than? What id your mind goes comoletely blank and u have NOTHING ti talk about? I don't wanna seem boring. Or even a normal situation: when i get back to school with my friends and sister iim always scared to be ledr behind with one person because what shoukd i say? We just had a normal day in schook, nothing interesting happened, and i didn't do anything interesting lately, so i have no idea what ro say. But even on the phone, at the hairdresser etc. I've been like this for years. HOW can i have things to say? Please help me out, im tired of living like this lol


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You seem to be fairly verbose in this post. And why are you laughing out loud at the end of it ?

Perhaps you're trying too hard to be the "leader" and it's showing.

Chill out a bit more, there's nothing wrong with being a listener.

And you're not alone - count up the number of times people start a conversation about The Weather and you'll see you're not alone in struggling for a topic at times.

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Help Me. I Don't Know How To Keep Up Convos.

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