What This Answer From A Girl Could Mean?

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Gerkus20123 | 16:39 Wed 22nd Jun 2022 | Family & Relationships
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What this answer from a girl could mean?:
"My visual preferences have nothing to do with it, nor have I ever told You about them. I just feel bad when You come. I feel anxious, so I ask You not to do that".
The girl was engaged with other guy. She and I had met several times. We talked for 2 months. She showed every sign that she was interested: she complimated me, I complimented her, we could chat for 2 hours a day and more. I told her that I love her many times (she on the other hand never told me that, but when we had this sort of relationships she did not reject me or told that we should be just friends or that she is engaged and I should stop) and we even kissed, held hands. She even complained a few times on her fiancé.
But then she anwered this to me when I came to her job a few times when she wrote me that:
"if I feel that something is not right, and even if I have made the wrong decision before, it is clear from my side... I do not want to have a situation where you try to get me and I do not react, because it does not amuse me at all... I want a clean situation".
I know that I should not have persued a girl that was already engaged but I just had feeling towards her and so could not just stop.


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I think it means she wants you out of her life.
If you like her and don't want to hurt her, move on.
She is not interested in you, and she has asked you to leave her alone.
You need to do as she asks. If you try to force any kind of contact with her, when she has so clearly asked you not to do so, you place yourself at risk of an accusation of harassment or stalking.
Move on, find another friend, and leave this girl alone, for your own good.
She has decided not to have you in her life and you being there is making her uncomfortable. Hard I know but time to let go and step away

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What This Answer From A Girl Could Mean?

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