Does He Have The Right To Tell Other Ppl Our Relationship Even Though We Agreed Nt To Tell Anyone?

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AnonymousDumbass | 17:25 Mon 23rd May 2022 | Family & Relationships
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Ok so i have this ex, it didnt end well. But were still actually good friends believe it or not. We decided not to tell anyone about our relationship if we do we should tell them in advance. But recently we had our class reunion and i didnt get to go but i heard from one of our close friends that he told her that we were in a relationship back then behind my back not even telling before and after. This is actually the second time he told someone behind my back. Am i wrong for being mad at him or does he have the right to tell other ppl our relationship?


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You're right in being mad, but unfortunately he's right too.
He has the right - it is also his 'secret' to keep or to tell others about.
"Back then..." was it a long time ago? It really doesn't sound like that big a deal...providing no one else was effected by it.
sounds as tho he remains an ex

I think you have to move on- the news is out and and you can't unsay things. We had a skool reunion where one old girl wanted to know if my father had told the headmaster ( 1965) that she as pregnant as a fifteen y o. He didnt need to. She had a bermp out the front and everyone knew the Math faster had done it.

she maintained it was all SECRET.

do some post "secrets out!" planning.

move on from - who's right
is there anything I need to do about it? Prbably no
( See Boris and the er lying about booze)
I think this is very subjective. One can argue that morally he should keep his word and stay quiet, but it's hardly written in stone that one is then bound forever more. One has the ability to change one's mind, and arguably the right to do so. I think you should try not to stress over it; what's done is done, and I'm unsure why it needs to (still) be secretive. Shrug your shoulders, accept, move on.

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Does He Have The Right To Tell Other Ppl Our Relationship Even Though We Agreed Nt To Tell Anyone?

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