Don't Know What To Do

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XxSenpai22 | 07:53 Mon 09th May 2022 | Family & Relationships
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I've met someone from a bar she's my friend's cousin. I was so drunk that night, we are both girls by the way.. she was the one who take care of me and we got too close to the point we are holding hands and we are hugging each other. She knows that I am bi but the thing is she has a bf.. so I know it will not go somewhere. Then come in the morning, I have come to a realization of what we have done...I don't know what to feel.. I wasn't even able to say a proper goodbye to her because her cousin told me that don't message her cousin because her bf would be angry which I respect and understand pls I need help thanks


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I agree, you do need help.
You don't make clear what it is you need help with.
There would be little or nothing that people on this website could do to help you. You need to decide for yourself whether you are going to take a chance and contact this girl again, or give it up as unsustainable.
No one can make that choice for you. Very best wishes.
So, you held hands and hugged each other? So what? Good grief, you are an adult and were drunk. Move on.
I don't think you need to worry yourself by over-thinking this.

Girls and women are far more comfortable with physical contact and affection.

I doubt your friend is attaching any unintended messages in what happened, you shouldn't either.
You is don’t remember what is happened
But she is may be will nots tell her bf if you is already touch her in the night and she is maybe shy to telling you what you is do to her .
So I can know that she may be will come to again see you and she want you to touch again so she can feel good again from you. She like you so she will want more from you than her bf do her

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Don't Know What To Do

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