Any Love Advice?

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Raluca1 | 10:13 Sun 01st May 2022 | Family & Relationships
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So I really like a guy and we flirted big time on the internet. Last time we saw each other, we almost slept together but didn't. The flirting continued and so we decided to see each other again as I invited him to my house. He told me to set up the mood, and so I did with candles and everything. I thought he wanted to sleep with me because he kept texting me on that day telling me to get ready for him and that he wanted me to wait for him in a sexy outfit and to surprise him. However he managed to surprise me when he arrived, telling me that he was tired from work and not in the mood to do anything. He said that he just dropped by to say hi to me and left 5 min. later. Imagine my dissapointment. I'm trying to understand what happened that made him chicken out and if I should keep flirting with him or just give up


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Sounds like you had a lucky escape. Sounds very immature (both of you). There will be someone special, just be patient.
No big deal.

He enjoys cybersex with you, but doesn't fancy you in real life.


1) Continue the cybersex until one or both become bored with it.
2) Use a vibrator when necessary.
Do you live in the US? You mention ‘gas’ rather than petrol in your similar thread.
Question Author
No, I'm from Europe
You is lonely and you is not friends with anyone
You is only imagine

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