Is It Justified When A Woman Cheats For This Reason?

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Dantheman98 | 15:00 Sat 23rd Apr 2022 | Family & Relationships
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So I recently found out that a friend of my mum has been having an affair on her husband. Now as a Christian I disagree with cheating of course, however, it became apparent that her partner has been very controlling and emotionally abusive to her. She felt as though she couldn’t leave her partner out of fear, but behind his back she has been sleeping with a man from her work for a few months who also knows about her bad relationship. Would you say that is justified cheating?


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The notion of 'justified' cheating is a matter for the lady and her conscience.

What anyone else thinks is simply their opinion, based on their own individual moral compass.

She felt she couldn't leave her partner out of fear, yet that same fear disappears when she has an affair!!! Yeah right.
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Sharon a- yeah but maybe she felt trapped and the man from work made her feel like she had some kind of an escape?
Are you saying that two wrongs make a right? If so no, it is not justified, in my opinion, but others may have a different opinion.
No, but it's none of your business, is it?
Sounds to me that the fellow she's sleeping with now is taking advantage of her fear. Out of the frying pan......
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Sandra- but does it not serve the abusive partner right there being another man to satisfy his partner whilst he’s being horrible?
I wd say this is none of my business
She won't leave out of fear but is ok with the risk of getting caught being unfaithful ? Maybe someone needs to talk with her, never mind wondering about justification.
"Another man to satisfy his partner'? There seems something prurient about that - and maybe your question in general.
Clearly she is in an unhappy marriage and she has two options , divorce or make her marriage tolerable.

Apparently divorce is out of the question and she has found a way of making life tolerable. She clearly likes, enjoys and is satisfied by sex extramaritally and that is her way of "enjoying" life.

I can't fault that line of thinking and is justifiable.

What happens if she is caught, who knows, but she thinks it is worth talking the risk as do millions of people in her situation throughout the world.
"as a Christian I disagree with cheating of course"

Does one have to be a christian to disagree with cheating?
Yes it is cheating, but it is completely understandable. I wonder if she's almost hoping she gets found out so her husband leaves her and ends the relationship that she is too frightened to end herself.
//Does one have to be a christian to disagree with cheating?//

No, but to be a Christian, you have to abide by the commandments, and adultery breaks that.
This does not justify her cheating. He is guilty of controlling behaviour but she has gone above this and actively threatened her marriage. If this was her intention then so be it.
Judgement isn't your call. Christian or not, it's none of your business. Unfortunately many women are financially dependent upon their husband and there is nowhere to go so they're stuck with it. If the husband is as rotten as he sounds I might 'actively' threaten (as William says) the marriage too.
No, leave him first, simple.
chrissakes Dan, go down the pub and have a pint,
they are open soon
this is none of your business....

as for cheating and greed I can think of far worse things
what about trump telling putin he cd have a free hand in eastern europe? so far not more than a hundred thousand dead
No, it's not simple, TTT.
As Naomi said, many women are financially dependent on their husbands and may not have anywhere to go. There is no-one and nowhere for them to escape to...particularly if they do not have family or friends nearby. Or an "escape fund" for just in case it all goes pear shaped.
Maybe one day, in the heat of an argument, she'll snap and tell him she's leaving him....and worry about the consequences later. Been there, done that

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Is It Justified When A Woman Cheats For This Reason?

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