Frienship Issue

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CappuccinoCoffee | 12:33 Mon 28th Mar 2022 | Family & Relationships
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I did wrong to my friend, there's atleast 7 people in our friendship group. Me and My friend lets call him Ellijah was joking about a meme when our other friend Micheal sexualised the meme, then our other friend Camilla asked what that sexual word meant as she didnt know. Micheal then explained to Camilla what it meant. After that Me and Ellijah were Furious as Camilla didnt need to know because it was Sexual, Micheal told us he was just educating Camilla because she was bound to find out sooner or later, Still me and Ellijah were mad because Camilla was the youngest out of us all. Ellijah proceeded to Insult Micheal as i just watched them chat in discord reading and reading, I've known Ellijah longer so i sided with him on the situation. Micheal was hurt because his point was right, i admit that. Soon after the argument he left the server and refused to talk to Ellijah and me but he talked to everyone else in the group through Dms. I want to say sorry but he doesn't want to hear it and unfriended me on all social media platforms but before that he said he wished he never met me but it was fun while it lasted. I want to be friends with him again or if not then i just want to say sorry and have closure, what should i do? I really want our friendship to last longer.


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Frienship Issue

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