Should Button Batteries Be Banned From Toys, Xmas Decs, Etc.

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Canary42 | 02:02 Fri 11th Feb 2022 | Family & Relationships
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To prevent such sad deaths as this one.

WARNING: DISTRESSING PICTURE in link. Baby swallowed a button battery from a toy and died as a result.


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The don't need to be banned. What is needed is regulation to ensure that they can't easily fall out of devices. I've got several things in my house that are powered by such batteries but which require a small crosshead screwdriver to be used when I need to replace one. That way of securing them is far safer than simply having a sliding cover (or similar).

There's already a Private Member's Bill before Parliament, which seems to be gaining a lot of support. It's completed the First Reading stage, with its Second Reading in the House of Commons scheduled for 22 March:
I don't think that they need to be banned.

Not putting them in kiddies toys would be a really good idea.
I'm with Buen, make it not so easy to remove the battery.
I agree with Buenchico. Maybe there should be a regulation requiring that the batteries should be made safer by having them secured by means of a screw fastening.

We have all been brought up with toys that have batteries. The problem now is that they have been miniaturised so can be easily swallowed. The regulations for manufacturers need to be tightened so that toys and devices make the battery compartment to be unable to be opened by a child.
There also needs to be more education of the danger of these batteries. Sadly a tragedy such as this one will raise awareness, and hopefully make parents be wary of giving their child electronic toys, and not playing unsupervised.
Even if toys and devices can be made child proof, there is still a danger of a child finding the store of new batteries or used ones not properly disposed of.

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Should Button Batteries Be Banned From Toys, Xmas Decs, Etc.

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