He’s Broken Her Heart.

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chrissa1 | 22:24 Sun 16th Jan 2022 | Family & Relationships
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My beautiful daughter who has two year old twins has just found out that her husband of 6 years has been cheating on her with another woman. She has kicked him out of their home and is heartbroken.

The girls are missing their Daddy and I can’t believe that he has done this to her and his beautiful little girls.

I’m so angry and sad.


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chrissa1. Your daughter has kicked him out of the home. She has split the family because she is upset that he has had a relationship with another woman.
The home split has come about because your daughter does not forgive her husband for what he did.
I don't know all the circumstances, so I can't have a sensible opinion. Do you think that she was right not to forgive him, and to split the family like this? How long was he cheating? Was it a one-night stand, or a six-year affair?
So hard to watch your children's lives go through problems like this, perhaps they can work things out.

Just be there to listen.
Sadly, Chrissa, I've been there, done that and bought the t-shirt although luckily I never lived with Little Tigs's dad so it was easier for me to deal with. He broke my heart too but with time I got over it. I know it doesn't seem like it now, but she will too.
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She found out that he had been running with this woman for three hour runs in September and called him out on it. He promised that there was nothing going on and she accepted that. Then, she got a phone call from this woman’s husband where he told her what had been going on.

She believed him in September but can no longer trust him. It’s still going on.
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Thank god I’m not at the other end of the country anymore.
After the happiness you shared with us, Chrissa I am so sorry to read this. :-(

Atheist. You'd do better to just keep quiet.
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Thanks, gness.
Cheating ruins so many lives.
I can't see anything wrong with Atheist's post, if I'm honest.
"I can't see anything wrong with Atheist's post, if I'm honest. "

Which tells me everything I need to know about your ***-poor take on morality and relationships.
Really, Spicerack? Man is having an affair but the breakdown of the marriage is the fault of the wife? Dear god!
Steady on.
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Thank you sunny-Dave. He lied to her blatantly. How can she trust him in the future.
If my wife had a one-night stand, I might decide that I didn't want to break up a family and shatter my kids' lives because I was really upset about it.
If it was more than a one-night stand I might decide that it was better to make a clean break and do my best with the children myself (or let her have the children). I think my main worry would be the kids' welfare, not my own pain.
Well, I didn't think of it that way, gness. Having reread his post, I can see it could come across that way.
It's the trust isn't it, Chrissa. I tried but was let down again and you can't keep doing that.
You're closer now I think?
But, it's not my family and not my life. chrissa's daughter will do what she has to do. chrissa's mum will have her own opinion, but that's her own affair, not ours or her daughter's.
Lots of emotion and knee-jerk here.
She can't, chrissa - and 'staying together for the children' usually just means delaying the inevitable.

This isn't a one-night-stand or even a holiday fling - it's a calculated pattern of deception and those leopards rarely change their spots.
I don't think that a conversation between a cheated wife and another woman's mother is necessarily the best way to go about this issue.
What a dipstick. I hope he realises what his dirty duplicity has cost him.

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He’s Broken Her Heart.

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