Parents Diamond Wedding Anniversary Photo Dilemma

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gordiescotland1 | 21:46 Tue 07th Dec 2021 | Family & Relationships
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My parents diamond wedding anniversary next Thursday and there Is a small party next Saturday for 20 people. At the moment I'm kind of freaked out. As a nice surprise I decided to conspire with my dad to take mums favourite photo out of the wedding album and get it enlarged and put it into a frame. Well I took it to the only photo shop in town and they told me stuff about copyright meaning they couldn't enlarge it . So I put it into an arts store across the road and asked them to frame it. Well I told my brother and sister about it on what's app and my sister was supportive but my brother went mental and said mum will hate it that I have taken the photo out of an original album and he went on and on about it. It really annoyed me he has done nothing to help apart from get them a present yes he lives 200 miles away with 3 children but I've organised telegram announcements in paper etc. Anyway in a mood I went out in torrential rain to get the photo back from the shop to find the shop was closed. So I told my brother i agreed to disagree and i would leave it like that.
Anyway went to mum and dads tonight and mum was looking for the photo album and looking through it before we left the house dad and I, he said she might freak out. He said he supported the original idea to get the photo enlarged and framed but not the original framed. Because they might trim the holes away that slotted into the album. So if she didn't like it it might not be a simple case of putting it back in the album. My dad and my brother are completely useless communicators and always have been. I think the only thing I can do is try and get in touch with the shop tomorrow morning and see if they have started to do anything. They said it would be next Thursday because they were so busy


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Parents Diamond Wedding Anniversary Photo Dilemma

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