Would It Be Wrong If I Had My Sister Give Me A Hair Cut?

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Cindy1302 | 20:05 Fri 17th Sep 2021 | Family
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I live with my mom. she's not vaccinated and she has a suppressed immune system. My sister isn't vaccinated either, but neither of them take covid seriously so they both still hangout without a mask. They are going to be hanging out tonight and I was gonna have my sister give me a hair cut like she normally does. I would wear a mask but I doubt my sister would. My mom would be around too so we would be putting my mom at risk. Should I just go to a barber to have it done?


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you a girl or a boy ( barber )

you are not talking about cutting the nose-hairs, are you?
you can do that yourself with a mirror and clippers
Ask them to do a lateral flow test before hand
If they're going to be hanging around together tonight anyway what difference does it make if she cuts your hair with your mum there?
I agree with prudie.
To be safe go to a barber, at least for peace of mind.

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Would It Be Wrong If I Had My Sister Give Me A Hair Cut?

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