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mahdur33 | 09:05 Mon 06th Sep 2021 | Family & Relationships
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Hello guys,

I wanted to learn more about the process of moving to UK and what time should I plan my movement, How much money should I save to be safe also which part of the country should I go?(London, Brighton, Reading Etc.) I currently live in North Cyprus. I do have UK citizenship but I have never been there. I graduated from university and worked in various business such as real estate, translation jobs, supermarket, etc. Main reason for my desire to move to UK is my family. They are people who sees the world black and white and surround themselves with religion and old customs and judge people according to their own views. In this country it is difficult to the anything without someone else knowing and I happened to be Gay. It is difficult to live by yourself in this country as the salaries are not very good. ( Even if you differentiate yourself from anyone else, money you earn will not be enough.)

I do love my family however my life is not moving anywhere if I don't do anything.

Thank you in advance.


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Brighton’s got a thriving gay community. Might come as a bit of a culture shock though!
First stop the Consulate or Embassy to find out what you are entitled to and how to go about the process legally
If you have UK citizenship then go to the British embassy, get a passport and get on a plane!
Brighton might be a bit much, you may find being in an area where you can access a reasonable Cypriot community would help you settle. I think just North of London might work, easy access to the gay bars and clubs, but not so expensive.
The highest numbers of Cypriot communities are in Enfield, Barnet, Haringey,and Hackney.
The places you've mentioned are all in the south of the UK, where the cost of living (especially for housing) tends to be expensive. Heading north might be your best bet, with Manchester an obvious choice in my mind.

The median cost of renting a studio flat in most reasonably central areas of London is around £900 a month, with the cost rising to around £1400 in the best areas. The equivalent figure for Manchester is £575. London is a notoriously unfriendly city, whereas Manchester (which is regarded as the 'gay capital of the North' by many people) is exactly the opposite.

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