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Woodpecker194750 | 09:04 Tue 20th Jul 2021 | Family
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My elderly husband is looking for trainers/shoes that have laces that he doesn't have to tie, as he can no longer bend down. Thanks


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Magic laces? in Spain a lot of people wear velcro trainers.
Definitely try Sketchers
It's a tricky one cos even with slip-ons or velcro you usually need to reach down to put the shoe on. Both are easier than tying laces but still...

I find it easier to reach if I put my foot up onto a chair or whatever - can he do that?
A long shoe horn might help.
I thread my laces, tie the ends off, cut the excess and seal with super glue. Instant slip-ons
I buy slip on trainers these days which are really easy to put on with a long shoe horn.
old one
do the laces as elastic - those thingy elastic strips but black and look like black boot laces

glue a bamboo stick to a cheap shoe horn, or get a pastic long shoe horn and you can put them on and off and no one knows

my muvva did this 1990 and I do it now
I do chairs
but using a boy scout reef knot

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