March 8Th Is Coming, Who Can Help Me?

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Persephone88 | 13:59 Sat 27th Feb 2021 | Family
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The situation is a bit bad. I'm in another city with work and I won't be able to be home on this day. What ideas could you give me?


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what's occurring on march 8th
Everyone knows it's International Women's Day...after a bit of googling.
Isn't that the day that kids are going back to school.
hmm somebody who self describes as male, (I know, I know) registers today as persephone and asks an odd question......
International Women's Day is only secondary to the fact that i turn 66 on Mon Mar 8th, thereby qualifying for my pension. Obviously Google wanted to keep it a secret :-))

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March 8Th Is Coming, Who Can Help Me?

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