Is It Ok The I Kissed My Brother

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Chole | 14:17 Fri 29th Jan 2021 | Family
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Is it ok that I kissed my brother because he kissed me first


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Why wouldn't it be?
A kiss on the cheek or full-on snogging?

Were you in bed at the time?
Is your brother a baby?
It's OK with me. Maybe if you are having doubts you shouldn't do it.
Did he incest on it?
Sacs Master that’s sick.
Are you in the same bubble?
Sorry Zacs.
I thought it was quite clever.
I think it depends on whether you are a boy or a girl...

......and even then, only if you live in The Fens....or Alabama.
Jackthehat, leave the Fens out of it or I'll high six you. Remember, in Norfolk a virgin is a girl who can run faster than her brother.
A 12-year old girl living in The Fens/Alabama tells her teacher that she's worried because she's still a virgin. The teacher congratulates her and asks why it concerns her.
"I'm worried that it means my brother's gay...."
Good ol' troll.
No that's incest and you can go to prison for it.
Slow down there Music, you cannot go to prison for kissing your sibling.
Any tongue involved?

That could make a difference
Hot chocolate " it started with a kiss"

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Is It Ok The I Kissed My Brother

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