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MiaG | 20:06 Mon 21st Sep 2020 | Family
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Dear Abby,

My parents divorced almost 30 years ago and my father remarried with 4 kids. All but one over 18. He is ending his current marriage. I am the only one that is in communication. With him and her and he asked me to get in touch with my Mom (his 1st wife) and let her know he wants to get back together .

Do I get involved? What do I do?


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Hide your mum ;)
No, you don't get involved.
tell him to write a letter and you will pass on the letter
and let your mama know you are just the postman

alternatively tell you mama your dad wants a word and can yu give out her telephone number

and I hope things work out
Indeed not. Tell him to find her himself.

By the way - how is this "Business & Finance"?
I'd agree with Peter. But make it clear you aren't going to remain in the postman role after the first message forwarding.
Because somebody will end up paying for their mistakes !
After 30 years they will not be the same people

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