Life Is Confusing, Help Me!

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pizzaislove | 16:12 Sun 20th Sep 2020 | Family
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I’ve got one sister, who I have been compared with through out my life. She’s extrovert, extremely loved by everyone. She’s always the prettier one, smart one, knows it all person. She’ll never stop letting you be yourself because I’m never doing it enough.

Through out my life, I’ve never had any friends, only the ones you just are acquaintances with. I only had one friends but recently she never talks to me or texts me. She hanged out with my sister without my knowledge.
But, that’s not the worst part, the worse part is my sister hid this fact from me.

I means she has got tonnes of friends, what exactly is she doing here?

I’ve fought with her about this but she did the same thing again. My mother agrees with her and think I’m over reacting.

I’m hugely bothered with all this, how should I deal with it positively? Help!


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Have a cup of tea, and a cake.
You sound quite young,life can be tough at times.

Stop even trying to live up to your Sister or what you think she has and you don't - work on building your own self esteem and find new interests which will broaden your chances of making new friends.
Oh gosh my sister was like that, but believe me the extrovert in her was mostly an act. Now as an adult she still does it but I know that deep down she is really quite unconfident. She's just a better actor than you and me.

The first thing to do is to try as hard as you can not to let her behaviour affect you. If you can, just laugh it off. Think about out it, why would she want to be friends with your friends? Answer, because she wants what you have. Ignore her, dont be jealous, turn your head and look away. Concentrate on being good at what you are good at and stop thinking about her, or comparing yourself to her.
^^ Great advice from maydup!

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Life Is Confusing, Help Me!

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