Passports And Post Brexit

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TrevorThePug | 08:41 Wed 16th Sep 2020 | Family
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My family and I will be moving to the US in 2021, we all hold British Passports and will be tracked towards green card /PRC citizenship from the outset.

My question is: we are all entitled to apply for Irish Passports. So would dual citizenship of the US and Ireland (EU) be a better more flexible option for future international travel etc for my kids, than British/US?

I'm not looking for Brexit/Political discourse, merely opinions from people more learned in such matters.


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I lived in the US on my green card for for 17years and kept UK passport and nationality. Just couldn’t vote or serve jury duty. My sister was born in US and had both UK and US passports but never lived there. Just used US one when she went there. I think, but am not sure, if you apply for US citizenship you have to renounce UK citizenship. Maybe consult an immigration lawyer or call US embassy and ask
You will have to renounce all other nations if you go for citizenship.
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Thanks calmc. The US allows dual and does not require you to renounce the other.
// My question is: we are all entitled to apply for Irish Passports. //

Well only you can answer that. Do you have Irish parents?
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Yes, I am three thirds Irish.
its "we are" rather than "are we" apg
plus LOL at three thirds irish :)
ps in my opinion, yes dual eu/American will probably allow you more flexibility in future, but it depends for what you need the flexibility, and will depend on what happens in the future regarding international policies (stuff that no-one knows yet)
also i'm sorry I don't know what PRC citizenship is but I presume its not peoples republic of china in this context :)
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Thank you bednobs, that is the crux of the matter. Primarily, it would be for my children who are early teens - to have easier international travel options when they are old enough to go on their own. I am speculating that as future EU citizen's they will have more relaxed options than a British one.
Ireland allows US citizens with Irish grandparents to claim Irish citizenship so you don’t need to worry about losing your Irish citizenship once you’ve got it.
The US would not afaik stop you even having triple citizenship tho this perhaps the best place to ask I’d have thought.
I’d also have thought the answer to your main question was Yes

perhaps they can be asked how they feel about having irish passports? many people were clamouring for them a few years ago.
“not” the best place to ask
BEDNOBS, a PRC is a Permanent Resident Card.
thanks, I was very confused!
What difficulties do you envisage your children having when travelling (not emigrating or moving to work) on a UK passport that an Irish passport will overcome?
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That as British citizens they would be considered ‘third country nationals’ in the EU following Brexit, and thus the complications that may entail.

With an Irish passport (at the time of writing) they would remain EU citizens thus easier for them to go to Europe for travel, longer term visits or work in the future.

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Passports And Post Brexit

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