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stacey_lover | 21:53 Thu 13th Aug 2020 | Family
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Went out on a girls night, we are all married and ended up bumping into a friends ex with his mates, cut a long story short they ended up following us to the last bar. And the friends ex and his friends sat next to me. We were chatting and I was telling the friend that he was very good looking and I said if only I was married eh (jokingly) . But from my behalf was innocent, i discussed my husband and my children and how much I loved my husband he discussed his children all in a group... At one point he placed his hand on my leg and I didn't move it away, I'm unsure as to why but I can remember feeling uncomfortable about it but didn't want to make a scene. Now I am riddled with guilt I can't sleep at night and I am constantly thinking about why I didn't just move his hand away... (everyone was intoxicated also) please no nasty comments


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no need for guilt, he got fresh, you didn't smack him, nothing happened. Don't fret about things you didn't do while tipsy - least said soonest mended.
A warm milky drink might help.
That's life: stuff happens. As Sqad would say...No big deal.
Nothing happened, nothing to feel guilty about - move on.
Forgive yourself & forget it! Its nice to feel attractive etc but nothing happened!! X
Good grief there’s Nothing to feel guilty about. A little flirting, with no follow up. You had fun, and found it nice that you are desirable. You’ve not cheated, let it go.
If it eases your concerns, say three hail Mary’s, and two Our Father’s.
Yes, with the wonderful benefit of sober hindsight it was probably a mistake, but come on, you'd been drinking, and nothing happened, so it's not the end of the world.

Stop beating yourself up about a trivial slip and get on with enjoying life.
Everyone was intoxicated. ,
I agree with everyone so far. Nothing happened. You’ve nothing to feel guilty about.
best answer to David Small LOL - that's the way wee Catholic girls would feel.
Oh no it's the end of the world. You allowed someone to touch your leg ! How will the iniverse cope ? Or, just a suggestion, maybe you're not keeping a sense of proportion and getting uptight about "nothing" ? You're human so enjoy/appreciate attention/approval sometimes. That's fine & normal. Take a deep breath or two and file it away as a secret naughty pleasant memory for future reference.

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