How Can I Stop Getting Jealous/Insecure Or What Im Gonna Do

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Patrickjara | 08:36 Tue 28th Jul 2020 | Family
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How can stop getting jealous of other teens? Im just 16 yrs old male. We're living on a one small house im sleeping with my mom dad and my nephew and i can say we're not rich because at my age i dont have my room which actually sucks we dont have second floor either and i get jealous cause every neighbor in our compound is getting their kids there own room and a second floor. Im so *** jealous of them cause they are enjoying life and my friends classmates in short im jealous of other teens cuz they are enjoying their vacation sleeping properly, eating any they want, playing video games while me can't sleep properly cuz its so hot sometimes, my mom can't buy an airconditioner. It just sucks that i can't enjoy my life with this. I know i should be thankful cuz were not homeless but damn i can't stop getting jealous on some teens.


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Where you live?
Pedantic - but I think you mean ENVIOUS.
Are you working yet if so you can start improving your environment.
Unsure, but maybe "count your blessings" ? If you list what you do have, study it, and feel grateful for that, maybe it will reduce your envy of those with even more.

Also acknowledge thoughts you'd rather not have, but don't dwell on them. Move concentration to something more immediate and needing your attention. Over time your subconscious should stop bringing up the things you aren't interested in mulling over.

And also, look to how you might improve your situation. In life, those that do best are those who are prepared to tackle issues and sort them. Perhaps you can get a part time job to save up for a family air conditioner, for example. Reconditioned or second hand if necessary.
go to school
get to an finish college
and then get a house of your own - all the rooms are yours
long term plan - stick to it
Get a part time job. Work hard and help your mom to get that air conditioner. Focus on seeing opportunities and you'll get the comfort you're dreaming.
You’re sleeping in the same room as your mum, dad and nephew? You need to get a job and get out of there.
Go to the nearest city, get a job anywhere and a bedsit. Work your way up.
No need to be jealous. keep calm and think about those who have not home as you have, they have not parents that you have. It is ok if you are not rich but you can think about how to get rich. Be positive always and you will get everything one-day definitely. good luck

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How Can I Stop Getting Jealous/Insecure Or What Im Gonna Do

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