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hardy49 | 12:49 Sat 06th Jun 2020 | Family
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Is there anywhere that you can see if a persons estate has been settled


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While the adminstrator of a will is obliged to keep accounts, there is no legal duty upon him/her to lodge a copy of those accounts anywhere. (Indeed, there's actually nowhere for him/her to lodge them with anyway).

You can find out whether a Grant of Representation has been issued and, if so, to whom, here:

You're then free to request the holder of the Grant to provide you with a copy of the accounts but only certain people have an actual specific right to see them:
Buenchico, if you request that information is the executor told?
^^^ The information about a grant of a representation being issued is in the public domain. The administrator of the estate (who will be the exceutor of a will where one was left or the person to whom letters of administration were granted where there was no will) will not be aware that anyone has obtained the information.

However the only person whom you can ask to let you see a copy of the accounts is the administrator of the estate so, by obviously, he/she is going to know that you've made such a request.
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Estate Settled

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