Neighbor Is Not Complying With The Social Distancing

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newbie99 | 23:15 Thu 07th May 2020 | Family
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My neighbor next door is not complying with the law and I reported them on the police web chat.
A visitor has been drinking in the garden with the neighbors all night.
The neighbors is in their 50s probably still young and not fear of the virus.


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Buenchico - “Where would you rather live, Birdie? The USA or Cuba? It's a no-brainer for me!”

Of course it is. Thank you for exposing your true self.

So you'd rather live in Cuba than the USA? Fair enough. Your choice to make in a democratic, open society.

You'd rather live in a one-party republic communist dictatorship than in a western democracy because you think their healthcare is better. A country where political descent is countered not by robust argument but by secret arrest, internment and death. A country where journalists are routinely “disappeared” for reporting on truths that the dictatorial government want suppressed. A country with crippling, third world levels of poverty. A country where you have zero say in how the country is run and have no legitimate way of removing those people from office that you deem to be unsuitable. A country with NO accountability to its populous.

In short, a totalitarian regime. And you think that's a better option than living in the USA because of the Cuban health service?

Good for you. Interesting that you can say this in an open forum in a western democracy and if you wanted, could actually emigrate and become a citizen of Cuba. But once there you would have severely restricted rights to openly voice your opinions on a whole range of matters. You would be just another subjugated member of that totalitarian regime.

But hey! You'd be cared for until the end of your days just as Mussolini said would happen in his “totalitarian” Italy.
What was the question?
↑ Consensual social distancing and the role of the State.
There wasn't one Tomus.
Tomus42 - “What was the question?”

The original question was -

“[My] Neighbor Is Not Complying With The Social Distancing [should I report him/her to the police?]”
Actually, there wasn't a question, it was a statement: My neighbours are not social distancing, so I reported them to the police.
Is Kim Jung Un in UK making laws in his absence from Nth Vietnam?

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Neighbor Is Not Complying With The Social Distancing

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