Dentist Is Not Wearing Hygiene Mask

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newbie99 | 08:50 Sun 15th Mar 2020 | Family
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Sister is in her late 70's and wouldn't go and see her dentist despite needed treatment.
When I asked why, she said she is afraid of catching the Coronavirus from the dentist as the dentist see so much patients.

Should she be concerned? She asked me to help and find another dental practice.


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My dentist always wears a face mask. For his own sake as well as the patients. Quite right too in my humble opinion. .
how does she know he doesn't wear a mask?
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The last time she been (3 months ago) wasn't wearing mask.
i thought all dentists wear masks, he should be, especially now..
I don't think it's compulsory. But in my opinion it should be.
he should be come what may...
Was last time just a check up ? Dentists tend to use masks to protect themselves as much as protecting others. Of course, getting hold of masks in the present climate, is not so easy. So how do you confirm that any new dentist wears a mask ? If you ask, then why not first ask her existing dentist if (s)he wears or would wear one ?
Never been to a dentist that didn't wear a face mask. My current one does, including her assistant
I've never had a dentist wearing a mask. But under current circumstances, why not just give them a call and see whether they are or not?
Once and for all people MASKS ARE USELESS. The virus is NOT airborne. It lives on surfaces.
My dentist just puts the mask on the patients. It's cheaper and avoids the halitosis.
Every practice has been issued with very strict guidelines from the NHS
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Good grief Eddie, do you know this lady to make such a diagnosis?

I rather doubt you do.
Once and for all people MASKS ARE USELESS. The virus is NOT airborne. It lives on surfaces. //

That is not the question ☺☺☺

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Dentist Is Not Wearing Hygiene Mask

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