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ukanonymous | 15:41 Mon 09th Dec 2019 | Family
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If one of your parents gives you some money for a house. No words 'borrow' and no words of paying it back. Then they stop talking out of the blue for 1 year to you and your kids and demand it back by an abrupt email. If they dont get it back they claim that will leave the will to step brother and sister and 'if you do a bad deed it comes back 3 times worse'
What should you do it's a nightmare situation I am involved with currently.


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Throughout that year did you ask them why they wouldn't talk to you?
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He was emailed yes it was just met with silence total silence.
You must have discussed the money when it was given to you. You surely don't just take a load of money from someone and not ask what it's all about, do you?
did they give you a large sum ,perhaps that would be your share when they die .,so the remainder of money would be for your step siblings .
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'I'll give you it' was the exact terms. Like I said there was no talk about repayments 8t was considered a gift to help with buying a house.
I wouldn't be blackmailed by anyone let alone parents. Keep the money they gave, accept the fact you'll have no involvement in the will and enjoy your life.
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They gave approximately 10% the value if their house.
If you were definitely given it as a gift, then something else has upset them since. I, personally, would try to find out. The will is irrelevant.
Sounds complicated.
I sold my house and just shared the money out between my six kids so they didn't have to wait until .i died.
I now rent, but the kids got a boost.
I agree ,you need to talk to them
If you don't know what's upset them, I wonder if someone else has said something about you that you're unaware of. I would tell them you have no idea what's wrong and ask them to tell you. Of course that might not work but it would be my first port of call.

In these circumstances I'd give them the money back regardless - even if I had to borrow it - but that's just me. If they now begrudge the gift they'd get it back. I wouldn't be beholden to them.
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The will is irrelevant I know. Questions have been asked about his silence then just this out of the blue. I really dont know what to say. He obviously has no intention of seeing the kids again and just wants the money back because he might need it for care as he cut some of his familly out of his life. Threats and blackmail though. If he genuinely wanted it back it could be got by being respectful I'm sure of it. Aghhhh
Do you want to reconnect with your parents? Do you talk to your sibs and what do they say about it?
If you can't pay back the money, then it seems to me that you have two options...either try and talk to your parents and understand what happened or cut them off completely, keep what you have and don't expect any inheritance.
You did say if 'one' of your parents gives you some money. Why only one?. Perhaps if it was given to you without both parents consent then maybe there have been arguments between them and that might possibly be the reason for the demand to pay it back.Just a thought .
I’m giving my son a help in buying a house. I’ve had to sign forms and jump through hoops to say I don’t have any interest in the house and the money is purely a gift. Whatever happens I won’t have that money back.

I think your OP is a little confusing. Who is demanding what back from whom?
It depends on how much and your ability to pay.
Theland, //I sold my house and just shared the money out between my six kids so they didn't have to wait until .i died.
I now rent, but the kids got a boost. //

What happened to 'I lost the lot'? Another memory lapse?

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