Anyone Know Where I Can Source This Fabric Dolly?

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balliali | 15:07 Tue 13th Aug 2019 | Family
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Can anyone help me to source this fabric dolly, or the same in different colours. The dolly is 12" tall, with a soft fabric body in pretty colours, and a vinyl smiling face. The original was got at a bootsale, and is very precious to it's little owner, so would appreciate if anyone knows where to get it - even online, but it must be almost identical in style, (though not necessarily the same colours). Thanks in advance, photo in the link.....


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OK, I tried, back to you.
try tinypic
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Oh sorry everyone, will try again.....
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TinyPic file sharing no longer exists, so will try this one.......
doesn't work either
try -
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Ok, the hyperlink I posted the second time will work, when you click on it, it takes you to a page and under the Download Link text, click on Amelia Dolly.jpg. That way the image gets downloaded for you to view, hope that helps. (and sorry for trying everyone's patience)
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Eventually.... this should work....
I saw dolly and instantly assumed the definition "a small platform on wheels used for holding heavy objects, typically film or television cameras.."
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It's bound to show here.....
It does show if you download it, I recall similar Dolls but googling isn't getting me anywhere.

(You MUST leave a space. or a line break, before and after a link)
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thanks everyone for taking the time to look, I have been searching for one of these for quite a while without success. Want to have one sourced before a little person NEEDS it.
was she called Amelia officialy?
is this anything like it?
It's definitely not the rag doll from that range Mrs LB.

I had to give up googling similar images, the above was the nearest I could pin down.

I feel it's vintage though how old I'm unsure.
My dec’d aunt used to make similar. Faces are on ebay tho my aunt got them from her wool/craft shop.
Good point Tambo, a friend with interest in craft could rustle up a replica.
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Never thought of creating a replica! No, the dolly didn’t have an official name, she arrived at our house from a car boot sale. Thanks everyone for taking time to view the post, and seek online.

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Anyone Know Where I Can Source This Fabric Dolly?

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