Why The Girl Side Has To Pay For Marriage Expenses

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xPriyanka | 18:17 Wed 15th May 2019 | Family
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Why it is assumed that the girls family will take care of all of the marriage expenses


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it is social and cultural - but changes or is changing

and it depends on the families - my brother paid for his daughter wedding because the father in law was bankrupt
( and then we kinda understood why)

"my brother paid for his daughter wedding because the father in law was bankrupt"

Well he should have done as your brother was the father of the bride.

is it still assumed?
um no my brother 's father in law did NOT pay for the wedding - my brudda did
but thank you for reading and thinking about it

it ended in tears .... we cruelly joked the wedding lasted longer than the marriage.... ( bit girlie I know but true so true)
PP...that is what I said...............
"my brother paid for his daughter wedding" - perfectly reasonable (and obvious) to read that as the girl who got married was your brother's daughter...
Exactly Prudie, that is what i explained to PP......but i said it in English which is why it confused him.;-)
We paid for our own wedding and both sets of parents chipped in with what they could afford.
son not daughter
he paid for both ( no they didnt get married to each other)
and when he paid for the son etc need to be sozza, we all make mistakes.
Who dat den, wot dyer mean "make mistake?"
fathers want to sell off dters asap. Mine isnt married cos she aint for sale ;p
hi sqad shall we get this back onto
why duzza girlz dad have to shell out?

I am not sure if it is to do with a dowry
as some cultures have a bride-price as well

My dear mother had spent her dowry on a medical education and did so in the knowledge that she would never marry ... 1935.

It all changed in father came out of a POW camp ( my grandparent died on the same night 1925) and had to start again ....Clearly the war had radically changed attitudes
My dad paid for mine over 38 years ago!
It's a traditional thing but not really taken as writ anymore I don't think. We paid for our own wedding but it was ridiculously cheap since it was just us and I think my Dad breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn't going to be the event it could have been.
Be a devil, Calico....tell dad you're having a blessing and a huge party and as father of the bride he's paying!,,;-)
We will actually in a couple of years when everything's calmed down Gness, so he might have to stump up yet :)
Just totted it up and our wedding itself minus rings and actually getting there came to under $500 and most of that was the officient.
Assumed by whom? I imagine anyone getting married over the age of 21 would generally foot the bill themselves...lovely if parents offer to help but it surely is not parents responsibility in this day and age. I would not have expected anyone except me and himself to pay for our wedding or the meal afterwards.
My father-in-law contributed diddly squat to our wedding. We had a very modest affair, no honeymoon, and we did our own vol-au-vents:)
I was quite old when I got married, so my dad didn’t pay for anything.
He paid for the wedding meal for my sister’s as she was quite young and skint at the time.
I don’t think it’s assumed that parents of the bride foot the whole bill nowadays, although there will be some who want to.

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Why The Girl Side Has To Pay For Marriage Expenses

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