Advice Needed On Gift For 11Yr Old -Angel Themed

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chelle7272 | 22:00 Fri 15th Feb 2019 | Family
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My niece's birthday she would like 'anything to do with angels not teddy bears' lol. Wide brief! Any advice please peeps?


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An angel costume?
How old will she be?
Angels wings.
Tony, read the OP
A nice childs Bible? Angels in there! U User Recommendation

And a pretty white dress.
Ok ummmm slap on hand deserved and excepted
Something like this?
Mmmm i love angels!!!

Angel Cards?

Angel candle holder?

Tangle angel is a brush shaped like an angel!

Angel fingers are fab- like a massager especially on the head!!

Theres some lovely jewellery available with angels on?

Not sure if she would like the perfume Angel- I think its a strong one?

Crystals that are “guardian angel” related! Xx
Oh also..... theres a reaaaally cool mug and the handle is angels wings!!! X
Lots of images of a fallen angel, complete with hooves, horns, pitchfork, etc..
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Thank you all for your suggestions, soory I took so long to respond.
get her a toy fairy and tell her it's an angel unless she's a dedicated christian then get her a christian style angel.

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Advice Needed On Gift For 11Yr Old -Angel Themed

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