Lions Quiz Tuesday November 13Th 2018

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Bainestc | 18:12 Tue 13th Nov 2018 | Family
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Does anyone know answers to 21, 25 and 71


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Which Lions quiz, there are a few - close date?
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Hero’s and villians
clues please
There are possibly lots of different quizzes set by local Lions groups all over the country, so it would be useful to know which one your question refers to.

Even better, if they're written questions (rather than pictures), it would be helpful to know the actual questions (and any theme to the answers, if relevant).

People are also more likely to see your questions if you post in the correct section. (i.e. Quizzes & Puzzles, rather than Family).

Three years to post a first question must surely be a record for a new member though!
Need to be quick if the closing date is today !!
^^^ Looking at other questions about this quiz, Fibonacci, shows that the closing date is actually 14th January (and that it's for Peterborough Lions). So all we need now are the actual questions!
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21. Do you think she wants us to follow her.? 6 letters
25. He only has 24 hours. 4 and 5 letters
71. Paid ultimate price saving thirteen. 5 and 5 letters
2 are in my link
Apologies thought the closing date was in the title.
71. Saman Kunan (died trying to rescue the boys in the cave in Thailand)
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Still stuck on 71
I fail to see what's wrong with the answer I've provided above.

Saman Kunan (5 & 5 letters, as required) 'paid the ultimate price' (i.e. he lost his life) when trying to 'save thirteen' (i.e 12 young football players and their coach) who were trapped in a cave in Thailand earlier this year:
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Apologies for that I meant Q48
What is Q 48?
It seems we have to do things the hard way here!

Looking at another thread about this quiz at least tell us the question:
48.hurricane on wheels (6,8)
-- answer removed --

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Lions Quiz Tuesday November 13Th 2018

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