Why Do My Friends Start Crushing On The Same Guy As Me One Day After I Tell Them.

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RainbowRafiki | 23:59 Sat 10th Nov 2018 | Family
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Any time I have a crush, I tell my friends. They will start crushing on him the day after I tell them. They get mad at me for crushing on the same guy as them and trying to "steel" him away from. One of them always ends up dating him and ignoring me. They then end up hurting him so badly that he's scared of girls. Then they'll push me into him and his friends will threaten me and start rumors about me. This time, they, no one was able to date him, but they made him scared of girls. It's getting quite annoying and several people are ignoring me now. They are trying to mess up my friendship with him. Even my cousins are doing it.


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Next time you have a crush don't tell them.
Next time, don't tell your friends when you have a 'crush'!
Snap, tonyav!
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I didn't. They think me and him are dating because of how we treat eachother
I'm crushed!
The World is very competitive.
You would be if you "steel" him. :-)
It's a wordplay, your judgeship, his name's Rusty Marx.
To right, NJ 'They don't like it up 'em '
N ext time you have a crush - take a cold shower
Going on your past few posts, i think you need some new friends.
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Maybe. Some of them are cool, though.
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They now want to date, but he won't ask her out. I asked him why he wanted to date my friend, and he wouldn't look me in the eye and couldn't come up with something. I felt so bad for him and just patted him on the shoulder.

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Why Do My Friends Start Crushing On The Same Guy As Me One Day After I Tell Them.

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