My Friends Tell Me I'm Being Abused, But I Refuse To Believe It

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RainbowRafiki | 02:54 Wed 07th Nov 2018 | Family
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I've been treated the same for 7 years. I t started in second grade so I might not have known what verbal abuse was. I went to counseling, but my councillor blamed me. I told my dad and he laughed. The might-be-abuse has stopped but I'm living in constant fear that it might happen again. What do I do?


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grow up - if you were truly being abused you would know it.
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I don't know what is considered verbal abuse though.
Shouting, swearing, anything that makes you fearful. Emotional abuse is when a person treats you in a way that makes you feel worthless, stupid, with a parent it can be simply making you feel unloved and insecure. There is an important thing to remember and it is some things feel like abuse but they are simply your parents being stricter than your friends parents. Your inner feelings tell you the truth. If you are not sure and mostly feel ok then give it a bit more time and thought.
I think you listen to your friends too much, they'll be telling you Emo music sucks next!
Q. Do you feel abused ?
If not then according to your definition you aren't.

You councillor blamed you ? Are you sure ? What did they actually say ? Maybe your understanding of being blamed is questionable. Councillors ought not be assigning blame.
Perhaps you should say exactly what your friends said to you in order that folk here can understand better.
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My counselor literally said it was my fault things weren't getting better. My friends said they have seen me being abused and their parents also said they saw it happen.
They've seen it yet your dad laughed ? Maybe you can describe what it was they saw. Other than "abuse" of course. Needs more details.
Can you be more specific if possible please? What was said or done?
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They said they didn't remember and they weren't specific. I think they were just being overly dramatic.
No it was the little dog that laughed.
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What? Oh, I think I get it.
Your concept of abuse might be different to others concept of abuse.

You have to be specific.

If you can’t be specific no one can say if you have been verbally abused or not.
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I had gotten a C on a test and she said I wasn't going to make it anywhere in life.
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I can see where she was coming from though.
If that is the extent of the verbal abuse you have encountered in your life Rainbow, prepare yourself for more.

The world can be a cruel place.
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There was more but I'll be ok. I'm used to it.
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Would you trust your friends over a professional counciler?

Most issues start with the self.
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I trust the councillor more, but it's confusing because a different councillor said it was abuse. I don't think it is. Either way I'll be ok.

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My Friends Tell Me I'm Being Abused, But I Refuse To Believe It

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