How Come He Keeps Trying To Talk To Me When He Knows I Hate Him?

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hellofriendxoxo | 01:49 Fri 28th Sep 2018 | Family
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I've known this guy since Gr.9 and he was complete jerk and he was like this type of person you don't want to be around with. I've always try to avoid him but one day he ends up talking to me and I was going to ignore him but I thought it was rude to ignore him. He thought we were friends but I was just a "fake" friend to him. I really couldn't stand him but I'm that type of who can't hate a person because I dislike hating people. He ended up breaking my breaking point and that's where one day I completely shut him off and stopped talking to him. I didn't give him the reason why I already told a bunch of friends why I don't like them and they already told him why I stopped talking to him but he just wouldn't accept the fact that I hated him. Before I stopped talking to him he had a crush on me. He was going to confess on me on the last day of school but he was interrupted by my friend (I love her for that but I was little sad because I wasn't able to tell him why I hated him and give him the reasons why). In class he would tell this stupid thing to everyone over and over again saying "I really liked this girl, but for some reason she stopped talking to me and I don't know why she stopped talking to me". Few months after I stopped talking to him he would always try to talk to me but I would just ignore him and shut him off. He would look really *** after that and when I'm around he would talk *** about me. I don't care if he talks *** around me but does he really have to try talking to me. I feel like he isn't getting the point and if he trys to talk to me should I straight give him the reasons why? I'm only asking this because I need advice, What did I do wrong please be honest with me, this is the first time a person wouldn't accept the fact that I don't like them. I've done the same thing with other people I didn't like and a few had a crush on me and they just move on why can't he? Should I report him? Please ask for information if you need some.


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Tell him why you hate him then, sounds like I would too and most other people. If you don't it enables his opinions and behaviour as they have no consequences for him. Tell him straight that you find racism homophobia etc abhorrent and you don't want to talk to him because of his views ans that's not going to change and that if he persists you will instigate action because of his harassment.
yeah no
novichok him !
that was a uniquely English comment to an American problem
you arent one of Becky's frenz are you ?
( do you think making a teen write essays..... see previous question)
It looks like the essay she was set to write
You don't have to tell anyone that you hate them. Just that you aren't interested.
NE need to hurt his feelings.
Just talk and state your case.
hey jeez,
how come becky and her pal hellofren keep trying to talk to us !
I dont think this is real theland
not like YOU are real
Question Author
I don’t want to hurt his feelings ether I just want to talk to him and move on
Question Author
Yea I know but I was asked why that’s why by my friends

I thought you ^^^ didn't want to talk to him?
aaah you a man with a heart
girl with a heart sorry....

have you seen Tootsie ? Dustin Hoffman pretending to be a lady and dishing out advice to the other ladies.... it's a film and not real
Anyway he has to advise on how to tell a jerk to fella off or whatever. Ok Dustin has to give advice ( and leave it at that )
He has a partner? Then why is he mooning about over you?

You say he is saying he liked this girl blah blah (meaning you) but already has a partner, im confused.
Maybe he'll lose the will to live, as I did when I read the first paragraph of your post.

You mean the only paragraph Melv?
Question Author
I don’t want to but I guess I have to if it’s way for him to leave me alone.
Question Author
I’m pretty sure he doesn’t did I say he does?
Good spot, baldric. I should have said sentence. :-)
You're pretty sure he doesnt what?
Question Author
Im pretty sure he doesn’t have a girlfriend
Thought you said he gets his Partner to do his homework. Whos that then?

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How Come He Keeps Trying To Talk To Me When He Knows I Hate Him?

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