Did He Gained Feelings For Me?

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hellofriendxoxo | 00:13 Wed 19th Sep 2018 | Family
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i’ve noticed lately he’s changed a lot when he’s around me like very awakward when we’re alone. I can’t even hear him talking to me sometimes and depends on his mood he might be louder. I’ve noticed this like 3 months before school ended and he gradually got more awakrd. He would never congratue me or cheer me on. I’ve noticed he would stare at me when I’m not looking or try to be close to me or sit to me. In class, he’s super awakrd and won’t even talk to me but only a tiny bit. He was never like this before he was always super bossy around me and stopped completly. He stopped being bossy when he called me Cute one time. I’m glad he stopped being bossy through lol I’m just curious did he relized he was jerk to me or he gained feelings for me? Am I over thinking this or something? Please ask for details if needed
Oh yea when we’re alone too, when I asked him a question he would just go blank or won’t even answer my question.


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Over thinking a little, it could be he's cooling off - see how things go.

Early days yet.
Could me. If he really was being a jerk maybe he was interested then too but unable to express interest well. But best not to assume. See what happens. Do you have feelings for him ?
BE !!!!!!
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Idk to be honest lol I didn’t really like him.
If you don't like him why are you bothered? Move on.
Concentrate on your school work. Plenty of time for romance in the future - you may have to kiss a lot of toads before you meet your prince.
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I'm just curious. I usually ask these things in case something happens lol
over thinking deffo

and what makes you think WE will answer your question?
PP, it's obvious... they guy is in love with her
"Idk to be honest lol I didn’t really like him."

Nah, ya do though.. else why all the thoughts about him, the writing to strangers online about him and noticing all these little things?

Are you a bit awkward like him in real life also? Think how your action may make him think
Awkward Awkward Awkward
Ennnit Jordy, awkward very awkward but not that awkward but very awkward
People's feelings change all the time, we are fluid things, even in a stable relationship where you love each other there are moment of greater and lesser closeness, more or less communication, anger, upset, joy and sadness which leads to people behaving differently. It can be long term or short term, or increase over time and lead to serious changes in the nature of the relationship, but it's really hard to judge if you're not there at the time. If you are not that into him then not sure why you are worried, tons of time, so just relax and enjoy yourself x
I am wondering what age are you?are you still at school? I hope you are as your spelling is atrocious,he seems by your description of him as not very nice to be around,find someone else.
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I know my english is bad and my spelling is bad
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I’m only awkward around people who makes me feel
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You didn’t have to answer the question you know. It’s your choice if you want to or not.

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