Golden Wedding Present?!

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Scarlett | 23:08 Sun 15th Apr 2018 | Family & Relationships
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My parents are coming to visit me for their Golden wedding celebration. I want to get them something as a gift but really have no clue where to start. When I google it I just get awful gold keys in a frame or a glass thingy or something chintzy and cheesy. Is there anything I could get which would just be a nice present for two 80 year olds?!


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A gold photo frame for wedding anniv photo
It’s not especially golden, but could you contact all the family and ask them to send you photos of your parents, from any age, and collect those of you and your brothers/sisters and grandchildren. Some of the photos they will have seen before but it would be nice to have them all together in one album.
Page one could have their wedding photo?
I bought mum and dad a pair of Golden Wedding roses... did the collage thing in a nice album with copy of wedding day on the cover.. and gave them a money gift for a wee holiday...
Another thought, although you may not have time to pull this together.
A large framed image of your family tree?
A lot of work, but will look fantastic, and copies will be appreciated by the rest of the family.
Tickets to somewhere/thing they would enjoy in a gold envelope?
well my friend will be married 50 years next year - God spares us all.

my sista accidentally picked up a lovely married couple (young couple) - sorry - ornament - it is musical and plays to the Anniversary Waltz.

I will get a box for it but of course - am looking at your ideas. I know my friend would appreciate the Family photograph - I'd like to try and do that for them - as they are a lovely couple. They married when they were 17.
Our golden wedding isn't too far away - we definitely don't want anything glitzy or an "object" for want of a better word. We'd much rather have an experience e.g. theatre tickets, a visit to somewhere special, a year's membership of e.g. RHS
My father and mother gave his parents a collection of 12 shrubs, bulbs or other plants with yellow flowers for every month of the year. Roses, daffodils, jasmine, forsythia, - you get the idea.
a family party .that's what we did on our 40th ,we hung pictures of our wedding around the garden and told people no pressys most bought wine though .we had a great time and had lots of photos taken .
Bottles of bubbly?
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Some lovely suggestions here, thanks all!
We took Mum and Dad out to their favourite restaurant with several guests for a lovely meal. We had a cake brought in by the waiter and another waiter with a beautiful singing voice sang to them. There was dancing afterwards and we all had a lovely time. I bought a gold coloured photoframe and placed one of the best photos taken on the night into it for a present for them. After being married for 50 years they had everything they needed. Have a lovely time x
I suppose it depends on how much you can spend, but I would prefer an event too, dinner, theatre tickets, weekend away, cruise........

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Golden Wedding Present?!

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