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DarceyK123 | 21:31 Mon 10th Jul 2017 | Family & Relationships
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I've just found out that for the past couple if years my Mum has not been going to bed but sleeping on the sofa.

I've asked her why but she says she doesn't really know, just prefers it.

I know it's nothing to do with me really, it's up to her but it's not right surely. She lives with my Aunt (her sister) and she goes up to her room ok.

I know there's no answer really but just wanted to get it off my chest and gather some thoughts.


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Does she have a partner?
If so, she might want to get away from snoring and fidgeting. If not, she might just feel more comfortable in a place where people can gather. As long as she's happy, I wouldn't worry.
My OH sleeps on the sofa in the living room even though we have a spare room. Don't worry about it.
Maybe she feels lonely in her bedroom and sleeping on the sofa makes her feel more secure
I am a sofa sleeper too, especially when it so hot as I can leave the french windows open and its cooler downstairs anyway. I can’t see anything wrong with it if your Mum is happy?
as long as she sleeps well, it's not wrong. Unusual no doubt, but it doesn't seem to be a problem for anyone, so let it lie ... so to speak.
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Thanks, you've put my mind at rest. Cloverjo, no Dad died several years ago so she's no worries there.

But I though she would be more comfortable upstairs where my Aunt is, they have their own rooms.
Maybe her bed is really uncomfortable - if I had the choice I sleep in my youngest daughter's bed as it's the comfiest in the house.
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Ha Ha, SherrardK. That's the first thing I asked her, even offered to buy her a new one but she said no.
Perhaps she misses your Dad and a bed isn't the same without him.x
Can she manage the stairs OK?
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There are some really valid points there. She does miss Dad and she doesn't do the stairs as well as she used to though she can manage them.

I'll just leave her to it, thanks for putting my mind at rest.
I'm sure she would let you know if there was a problem Darcey. You seem like a very caring Daughter and Mum will know that. X
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Awww bless you mazie, you only have one Mum don't you? X
You do. Cherish it. Night, and don't worry anymore x
It's often easy to see things in actions that are not actually there - you may imagine your mum sleeping on the sofa indicates an issue, when in fact it doesn;t.

I'd bring it up casually in conversation, you will soon know if she is unhappy about sleeping in bed, and if not, then you know she is OK.
I've been sleeping on my sofa every night for years. I find it more comfortable with my head resting on the armrest and the limited space forcing me into a foetal position. Who needs beds?
depends, Chris - I find it very easy to sleep on the sofa while watching TV history programmes, even when presented by the divine Mary Beard. Probably because I've just had dinner and a glass of wine. But I couldn't do it all night, my bones would be tied in knots by the morning. But if Darcey's mum gets a good night's sleep, where's the harm?
Often I sleep better while curled in my armchair, but OH is on the sofa at night and his snoring keeps me awake.

Whatever gets you through the night.
It saves climbing the stairs.

The room might be more cosy, or cool, or whatever.

Probably just convenience.
Working with the elderly, I have known a fair few that either sleep on the sofa or in a recliner chair, some even without the recliner. they don't appear to come to any harm.

Mind you, just 2 days ago, one of my ladies in her own home, slept fully reclined, had a lightning storm that tripped the trip switch. She was now stuck in a reclined position in an electric recliner and couldnt get out of her chair to let me in. Fortunately I gained access by other methods!
I imagine people have died through such a problem, scary thought, maybe they should be fitted with emergency back up!!

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Mum Sleeps On The Sofa

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