Lesbian (Advice) ?

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senaserilli | 15:24 Tue 31st Jan 2017 | Family & Relationships
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I am a 24 years old, bisexual woman. My father divorced my mom and married 3 years before to a woman. Last summer, my twin and i went to my fathers home to meet his wife. And there were her daughter and grandaughter too.

We stayed together for a month. And day by day i realized i am attracted to my step mother's daughter. Actually my attraction grew when i realized she might be bisexual too. She is married and 40 years old but very attractive. She is very energic person, she is like a child.
Her marrige is not like a real marriage. She has two children and one of them is my age.

She was a very friendly and warm person, one morning i was sleeping. And she got out of the shower (ofcourse not naked) and she jumped on me to wake me. Her hair was almost wet and very attractive. We laughed but didnt even talked, it was a very strange moment, she didnt get up from me immediately, she stayed on top of me and looked at me than looked at my breast, it was really sexy (it was the moment i became sure she likes woman too) that was the time i became sure that i love her.

When i realized i love her, (first it was just physical) i started to do things to be sure that she is into woman too. I made her know that i am into woman and she started to tell things about herself like she is raised like a boy, she likes boytoys or stuff like that. And after that she became more focused on me, like she is watching me more closely and deffinetly more friendly than she already is.

Then summer ended and i had to return home and she did too. But my feelings never went away. She added me on facebook. I had to make sure that she knows my feelings for her. But i coudnt just tell her because there was the family involed. I think i didnt trust her. But i did it anyway and talked to her close friend's son. It sounds strange but they were living close to each other and i knew he was going to tell her too, i knew his personality


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of course i told him "dont tell anyone" but i knew he was going to tell her. And he did.

After that day when i looked at my facebook i saw that she liked all my photos and posts. It was funny and strange but that was it. But i still coudnt know what to do next. We were living far away from each other (5 or 6 hours away)

I knew that, where she live, people dont even know what homosexuality is and dont respect it either, they think it is a huge sin.

One day ,that friends son texted me, ask me how am i and what am i doing right now. Normally we dont speak often, then he said, "i am with ....(her name) right now. She asked me about you and she asked me to say hi to you."

we were liking each others sharings on the internet since then. She was liking my 'homosexuality' posts too.

After one month, she called me. It was the first time she calls and it was 8 or 9 pm. Her daughter lives in the same city as me, she asked me about the city and told me that she is going to come to see her daughter. We talked normal and when she was going to hang up the phone, she said "but the way, i was thinking to ask you this for a long time, .....(her friends son) told me something about you" my heart was beating so fast that i coudnt even know how to reply so she added "anyway, i assumed it was a joke, right?" Her tone was so cold and not like her. Not like her personality. I still feel it, my hands were shaking and my head was like fire. I said, "What did he say" but she didnt reply that, she said, "Even if it wasnt a joke, i woudnt trust you"
I dont know if i translated right but that was it.

I am really sure that she wants to talk to me and wonders me but i dont trust her too. If our families didnt knew each other, ı could think something to do but i feel very stuck. I knew she is trying to reach me but at the same time, she might be thinking i am kidding with her. She might be thinking that i realized she is a lesbian and i am playing with her. Because there is an age diffierence and because of my personality.
." And she got out of the shower (ofcourse not naked)"

She had her clothes on in the shower, did she?

So what advice are you seeking?
And your question is what, pray tell?
is this a part script for Madchen in Uniform ?

smash hit for 1936
Is Forum still published?

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Lesbian (Advice) ?

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