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Maisie Doats | 14:59 Tue 29th Dec 2015 | Family
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Could anyone help with these please - all have a connection with Christmas.

36. Havana Club and a speech bubble coming from Havana saying "I do embroidery"

24. The word TINSEL and underneath, the word WALNUT.

23. Top left the letters G G and E at various angles and underneath an upside down R. Top right - the word Pumpernickel and botton left the word Commons

Any help appreciated closing date next week!


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36 Rum (Havana) sauce (sews?)
Question Author
Thanks Scorpiojo. I'd got the rum bit but couldn't tie up the embroidery. Don't like rum sauce so I never made the connection.
You're welcome
Christmas Crackers has been suggested previously for 24 but it was only a tentative suggestion.
You may get more answers in Q&P rather than Family if you have any more, Maisie
It's also in Q&P.
24 Tree Decoration? - or something similar
Question Author
Thanks fiction factory. I placed it in family section by mistake and then re-place it in Q&P as soon as I realised.
No. 23 Gingerbread house

Have you got Nos. 15 - smithfied with speech bubble saying "I'm prevaricating to gain time". or No. 31? CILLA ?
Question Author
Thanks Percyverunce - I have Christmas market stall for 15. I haven't got Cilla yet.
hi with 36 why club

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